Fertility Treatments

fertility massages newcastle
fertility massages newcastle
fertility massages newcastle

Expert Fertility Treatments, Newcastle

At Naturally Heaven Therapy in Benton, our highly trained and experienced therapists are dedicated to providing treatments to help with fertility issues. Our holistic therapies include womb massage and fertility reflexology.  

We believe our treatments have many fertility-boosting benefits and can make a difference when trying to conceive by boosting blood flow to the reproductive organs and reducing stress levels.  This may all help to improve the chances of a successful outcome, whether through natural conception, IVF, or ICSI.

Fertility Treatments Explained

Fertility Massage Therapy is a deep yet gentle, non-invasive treatment that realigns the organs within the abdominal area, relieves pressure, and strengthens the surrounding muscles and ligaments. As a result, this therapy enhances blood, nerve, and lymphatic flow. It helps flush out toxins and restores essential nutrients, promoting tissue health and hormonal balance.

Reflexology to help with fertility involves our therapists using a range of acupressure points on the feet and ankles to help release blocked energy and relieve tension. By targeting specific reflex points related to the reproductive organs, foot massage can directly influence their function. This can help in addressing issues like irregular menstrual cycles, ovulation problems, and low sperm count.

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To book a specialist massage treatment or to receive advice on any fertility treatments we offer at our Newcastle Wellness Rooms, please call our professional and friendly team on 0191 266 2634.