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Testimonials – Ready what our clients say about our treatments at Naturally Heaven Therapy

Testimonials at Naturally Heaven Therapy - Read what clients say

My husband got me a pregnancy treatment with Alanna to ease lower back and hip pain in late pregnancy. The treatments were wonderful and really helped with pain and relaxation. So much so, I had more treatments before and after our little one arrived. I couldn’t recommend Alanna highly enough. She is a wonderful therapist and a great friend now too.

Naturally Heaven Therapy’s pregnancy massage and reflexology was recommended to me by a friend who had been to see Alanna throughout her pregnancy. When I was 13 weeks pregnant I couldn’t wait to book in as was already having some trouble with my sciatic nerve. Not only did Alanna sort out my nerve issues but I experienced the best massage I’d ever had (and have ever experienced since) and I continued to see Alanna every 3 weeks throughout my pregnancy. It was such a treat to look forward to and always left feeling so much more relaxed and free of any aches and pains which come with pregnancy. Following the birth of my baby boy Bobby I continued to see Alanna for post natal massage which is equally amazing!! Couldn’t recommend her highly enough

Like many first-time mothers pregnancy was a very exciting, yet also apprehensive time. I struggled with the physical changes; especially as I neared the end. Regular pre-natal and post-natal specialised massages with Alanna really helped me to cope with these challenges. The pre-natal treatments helped my body and mind to relax, unwind and recharge ready for birth. The facilities were carefully organised to accommodate for my growing bump – baby and I were always extremely comfortable and put at ease. Alanna also guided me through massage techniques that assisted me to stay relaxed and focused as I gave birth naturally.

A perk of being pregnant is to be able to have a pregnancy massage with Alanna!

Alanna straight away makes you feel so at  ease especially at a time where your body is going through so many changes. Not only are the massages wonderful on the body, they also give a period of time where you can just think about the baby, when life is hectic it’s sometimes just what you need.  I discovered pregnancy massage whilst experiencing terrible back pain with my second baby. Alanna enabled me to stay mobile throughout the pregnancy, she really helped with such an acute problem and helped my back recover afterwards when I was carrying a newborn around all the time. Alanna takes time to get to know you and your needs or body problems By the time I was pregnant again with my third, my regular appointments were fiercely protected and very much appreciated. I thoroughly recommend both pregnancy and post natal massage!

After having my little one life literally turned upside-down and inside-out – it was wonderful but also very difficult at times. Again I made sure to have ‘me-time’ and continued post-natal massages. Alanna worked her magic and with each visit I left feeling much more relaxed, energised, and like my ‘old-self’ again. I would highly recommend Alanna to other mother’s – her pregnancy massages helped me not only physically, but also emotionally. She is extremely specialised, cares about what she does and treatment is affordable. I don’t know what I would have done without them – they were my sanctuary! Emma

I have been seeing Alanna for massage now for a few years and have never had a better massage. I’ve had pregnancy and post natal massages with her and she really understands both requirements, always making you feel comfortable but getting rid of the thousands of knots that appear when you have a baby. Could not recommend more highly.

I had sacroiliac joint problems during both of my pregnancies and Alanna’s magical fingers not only helped with my mobility and significantly eased the pain relating to that,  but also relaxed my whole body and made the last weeks of the pregnancy a lot more comfortable. At the same time, getting regular pregnancy massages afforded me the much needed “me time” and I would thoroughly recommend them to everyone.
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