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Book a Kaeso Facial Newcastle at Naturally Heaven Therapy. Indulge in essential treatment formulas to provide an effective and luxury facial.

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Book online a Kaeso Facial in Newcastle at Naturally Heaven Therapy.

Kaseo’s unique formulations come from the finest natural ingredients to assure the highest quality skincare. Natural ingredients are a fundamental part of the formulas and have been from the start.  The committed and passionate formulation team at Kaeso source effective botanical extracts and carefully choose ingredients that offer genuine benefits to the skin. Each product has been carefully designed to meet with Kaeso’s Innocence Criteria. Free from Parabens, Sulphates, Propylene Glycol and Mineral Oil and then proudly stamped with the Kaeso Leaf of Approval.

Kaeso originated through a desire to create a useful beauty experience, with solutions for all skincare needs. The Kaeso collection meets all beauty treatment requirements, covering Beauty, Body, Manicure, Pedicure and Aromatherapy. Highly trained industry experts within the beauty sector carry out extensive research and innovation, and the expansion of Kaeso.

Kaeso offers an array of specialised treatments to address the individual preferences and skin’s changing needs. Within the extensive Kaeso collection, there is a fusion of natural products that maintain and restore your body, mind and well being and allow you to create a personalised and straightforward regime to achieve great results.

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