Pregnancy Reflexology at Naturally Heaven Therapy, Newcastle

What is Pregnancy Reflexology?

Pregnancy Reflexology is available at anytime during pregnancy.  This specialised treatment works with you during your pregnancy to help keep you and your growing baby well and happy. It can also be used to prepare you for labour, assist with pain management and contribute to a shorter labour time.

Pregnancy Reflexology at Naturally Heaven Therapy, Newcastle

Pregnancy Reflexology can help…

  • With relaxation of both body and mind, an essential part of any healthy pregnancy.
  • To balance hormones to help regulate your moods and help your system do its best for your baby.
  • Boost your immune system to keep you well throughout the pregnancy.
  • Regulate production of hormones necessary to help organs, tissues and muscles relax in order to make way for your growing baby.
  • Boost and maintain energy levels, which might be lower due to disrupted sleep patterns and the emotional and physical demands of pregnancy.
  • Regulate sleep-wake cycles and encourage good quality sleep.
  • Increase circulation to help with any water retention or fatigue in the limbs.
  • To combat pregnancy-related issues such as back pain, digestive disturbances, bladder function and insomnia.

As the due date arrives, to prepare your body for labour, which may help to reduce delivery time and assist with an easier labour.

To bring about a natural labour, working gently to encourage contractions to begin without being artificially induced.

Work to encourage and prepare your body for a speedier recovery post-partum.

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