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Indian head massage is a treatment which helps to release the stress that has accumulated in the tissues, muscles, and joints of the head, face, neck and shoulders. Get treatments with qualified experienced therapists in Newcastle.

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What happens during Indian head massage?

The client, fully clothed, lays on a massage couch for the treatment. The therapist uses a range of different movements including the application The Best Indian Head Massage Newcastle | Massages & Body Treatments in Newcastle Upon Tyneof deep kneading and compression movements over the neck, shoulder and scalp areas.  Therapists will also gently stimulate and stroke pressure points on the face. The sessions last from twenty to forty-five minutes and most therapists like their clients to sit quietly for ten or twenty minutes after they have completed the massage.

What is Indian Head Massage it good for?

Relieves stress, tension, fatigue, insomnia, headaches, migraine and sinusitis. Clients report that the experience is deeply calming and relaxing. Leaving them feeling energised and revitalised and better able to concentrate.

What are the benefits of Indian Head Massage?

Increases joint mobility and flexibility in the neck and shoulders, improves blood circulation and lymphatic flow, frees knots of muscular tension, relaxes connective tissue, and aids in the elimination of accumulated toxins and waste products. It is particularly useful for reducing the effects of stress and strain.

What are the side effects and when should Indian Head Massage be avoided?

Following treatment, some clients experience tiredness, dizziness, an increased desire to urinate (as the body eliminates toxins and waste materials) or aching muscles. Side effects usually last for no more than a few hours, after which clients generally experience increased energy and alertness. Avoid an Indian head massage if you have had recent surgery, or a head or neck injury; a history of thrombosis or embolism; spondylitis or spondylosis. If you have high or low blood pressure, diabetes, Indian head massage reduces the effects of stress and tension epilepsy, heart conditions, cancer or osteoporosis. Talk to your doctor before arranging a treatment. Always make sure that you avoid alcohol for at least five hours before the procedure.

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